Call of the Titans — the first-ever PHOTO GACHA

Arming photographers with tools for the digital renaissance

Sloika is a new NFT marketplace for photographers who need a full creative control, from setting limited edition runs to choosing resale royalty fees.

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Photographers — apply for the drop.


Explore our select drops with unique functionality.


A beautiful set of water reflections from Varanasi, and world's first unbundled rights coming 18/20/2021


Night Reflection 2

A continuation of light painting masterpieces from Eric Pare is coming 18/20/2021


Hong Kong Red

Pushing the art of NFTs further, Ali G has taken all his Hong Kong shots with a smartphone.



First series with collectors traits. Collect 4 Elements to unlock the Fifth Element.


Night Reflection 1

Eric Pare unique style has tens of thousands of followers, but there's only one original.


Girl & Camera

hurtingbombz intense latest photo series has traits for days. Discover and collect.



Win Magsino 16 edition 1/1 series, powered by the very first photo-GACHA.


Redefining value for photographers

We understand photographers and make tools for their workflows, from limited editions and royalty fees, to usage rights and creative roadmaps.


Create collectives with friends and share a portion of proceeds with the collective. Build reputation, and have financial freedom to work on bigger projects.

Control Supply

Control the supply of your art as a group, and choose the frequency of "art drops" as a group to prop up exclusivity for the collectors.


Collaborate with others to build a stronger body of work by remixing elements, such as sound and animation. Then, choose how to split the proceeds.


Sloika redefines photography NFTs as a leading category.



Focus on your work — create collectives with friends anywhere on any device, and gain percentage of the group proceeds.

Photo gacha

Release your photo series as a randomized, gacha-style experience, for extra fun for your collectors.

Art drops

Drop your newest creations as a curated series and control prices or availability.

Supply curve

Build enduring value by controlling supply as a group. No endless shilling across platforms.

Resale royalty

Choose your resale royalty on secondary sales. We work with industry protocols to respect artist royalties.


Don't just collect. Curators show their impeccable taste by representing artists' works, while earning a small fee.


Meet the founding team behind Sloika.

Ev Tchebotarev

Founder of 500px (17M members, raised $25M+ from ffVC and A16Z), and most recently Chief Growth Officer at Skylum, Ev spent last 20 years growing photo communities. He's a passionate photographer with an eye for city portraits.

Arseniy Ivanov

First employee at 500px, Arseniy scaled 500px from zero to 400M monthly page views. Having been involved in Ethereum community since 2016, Arseniy built ForkDelta, one of the most popular Ethereum apps.

We are backed by investors and founders who built and sold multiple companies.
Our investors include Chris Nguyen (Founding CEO of LogDNA) and Founding team at


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