36 Exposures Global Group Collection


For our first collection, we have showcased 36 film photographers from 13 different countries. The theme for this collection is everyone’s favorite first frame from a roll of film. If you aren’t familiar, the first frame on a roll of film is always a gamble. You never quite know exactly what you’re going to get until the film is developed. Most frames will feature a “burned” edge. This is due to direct light hitting the film during loading, showing how delicate and physical the process of shooting film can be. This collection features color and B&W photos in every photographic genre. To us, this was the perfect theme to start the project. With each purchase, you will not only collect a beautiful piece of art, but you will also directly invest in the artist(s) journey on the blockchain.


  • Alister Mori * Bryony Shearmur * Kali Ra * Alberto Chimenti * Lance Williams * Shawn Moreton * Brett Sylvia * James Green * Terrence Matlin * Kristopher Shinn * Bryan Garrison * Amanda Lopez * Isa Rus * Nick Weaver * Renee Johnstone * Bruno Mello * Okan Ozcan * Hugo Arvizu * Jordan Ni... See more