About this series

This series of 10 portraits is Part 1 of a total of 41, with the possibility of including more survivors who arrived in Latin America.

About this project:

In the history of mankind no other crime can be found as heinous or as coldly calculated as that which annihilated millions of human beings in the Nazi concentration camps. Reduced to the lowest, subjected to the most appalling moral and physical degradation, men, women, and children were savagely tortured and dragged to the gas chambers for the sole reason of belonging to a race considered inferior or having religious or political beliefs opposed to those of the "Race of the Lords".

This series brings together portraits, biographies and testimonies of survivors of Nazism and the Shoah. They are heart-wrenching accounts of people who lost their entire families to the Nazis simply because they were Jews.

Some survivors tell their stories for the first time by agreeing to be portrayed for this project.

Many of these exiles and survivors came to Latin America many years ago to start a new life. This project allows me to enter for a brief moment into their lives to learn a little about them, and their experiences, and has allowed me to photograph and immortalize them through photography.

The holders of these NFTs will contribute to the continuity of the project. I will continue to travel around Latin America portraying the survivors and documenting their stories. They also contribute to the printing of a deluxe book in which each headline will appear on the sponsor's page. In addition, when the book is printed, each titleholder will receive a signed copy and a stamped, signed hard copy on cotton paper of the portrait they purchased as an NFT.

Aaron Sosa


Aaron Sosa is a freelance photographer and visual artist currently living in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he works for agencies, international editorials and corporate clients. His work has been exhibited in over 110 galleries worldwide and his photographs have been published in journals, books and magazines at an international level.