Nathan Schachter

Nathan Schachter Venezuela 2010

He was born on November 9, 1920 in Czernowitz, Romania. In 1941, already married to Rosika Davidsohn, he moved with a large family group to a room in the ghetto. On November 3, 1941 they were deported to Mogilev, where they stayed until 1943 in very precarious conditions: his parents died there. They managed to escape, claiming to be from Dorohoi, but were recaptured and sent to the Viznitz ghetto. In December 1944 they fled to Bucharest, where they awaited, without anxiety, the end of the war. In 1950 he traveled to Israel, then to Curaçao to work as a Khazan and teacher, and in 1960 he arrived in Venezuela, dedicating himself to the garment industry.

Testimony: "My wife and I did the math and, since we got married in 1940, we have changed our domicile twenty-two times, between ghettos, escapes, changes of street, of town, of houses, of countries. I see that a stone stays in the same place, that when little flowers grow, weeds grow around it, it is difficult to pull people from one place to another, but we left twenty-two times from different places to save ourselves".


Aaron Sosa


Aaron Sosa is a freelance photographer and visual artist currently living in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he works for agencies, international editorials and corporate clients. His work has been exhibited in over 110 galleries worldwide and his photographs have been published in journals, books and magazines at an international level.



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