Magdalena Grosz de Eckstein

Magdalena Grosz de Eckstein Venezuela 2010

She was born in Megyaszo, Hungary, on April 19, 1926. At the age of twelve she moved to Miskolc to attend high school and in 1944 was taken with her entire family to Auschwitz, from where only three sisters survived. The liberation surprised her in Bergen-Belsen. After the war she was able to reach Budapest, but a hasty suitor made her flee to Prague and then, together with a sister, to France. In Paris she met her husband and in 1953 they arrived in Venezuela in search of peace and quiet.

Testimony: "I can say that I am very satisfied with my life in Venezuela. Here I was really happy. I have grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I don't think I have much life ahead of me. I don't think much because I leave the children to think, I am already half retired; I love them, I love them, but I really don't want to think. God forbid that my children and grandchildren go through something like what I went through, that's the only thing I wish for, that it never happens again".


Aaron Sosa


Aaron Sosa is a freelance photographer and visual artist currently living in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he works for agencies, international editorials and corporate clients. His work has been exhibited in over 110 galleries worldwide and his photographs have been published in journals, books and magazines at an international level.



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