Nature and world around us keep a lot of secrets. We got used to look at this world from the bottom up. Easily we can imagine anything from this perspective, even that we have never seen before. We got used to see things this way.

Drones give us an opportunity to rise to the sky and to see the world in a new way. To see it in the way birds see it. Join them and follow them in an exciting journey. Even well-known places look different from here. You need only rise in the sky!

The earth is a huge canvas where the nature makes its masterpieces. It has its own colors and tools which are live. World around is an art – real, changing. It’s important not just to look at it, but to see it, feel it.

Maksim Tarasov


Maksim is an award-winning photographer who has traveled all over the world in search of new perspectives... See more