About this series

"Tropical Dreamscapes I" - is a photography series [Phase 1] with 2 1/1 photos taken from the iconic tropical places in Asia

Visualization of an adventure story that made me reborn for 5 years traveling around Asia. This adventure started with my graduation from university. After a long discussion with myself, I decided to go on a long journey and it was this journey that changed my future life from being a drug addict and living an broke life.

In my eyes, I see this adventure as a reflection of myself which I immortalize in the form of photoseries with my deep interest in the sea and mountains

I am very interested in beaches and mountains because I have learned a lot from these two places, as I see these two places as "yin and yang" where we as living creatures in this universe must have balance in life. and photography is one way to communicate with these two places and understand what nature actually conveys and visualizes to humans in this universe.

--- regards Albertus Pamungkas.


Albertus Pamungkas


Travel Photographer and Visual Artist based in Bali, Indonesia. explore and capture magnificent pictures over the past 5 years.