About this series

Hong Kong: a vibrant, dynamic and fast-paced metropolis where East meets West. My love affair with this city started long before I even stepped foot on its soil!

My best friend, a Hong Kong descendant, would pass every summer of his teenage years here visiting family. Not only did he bring back amazing tales and images of food, technology and the city’s immaculate architecture, but he planted a seed that would bud years later as I looked to Asia for work.

Upon landing in Asia’s world city, I was immediately captivated by the iconic red taxis whizzing through the narrow roads, engulfed in a sea of neon signs and sky scrapers. 20 years on, it is still magical and my fascination for this city continues to grow!

Why Red? The color red symbolizes passion, a characteristic rooted deeply in my photography and the love I have for the city of Hong Kong. Furthermore, it is considered to be a lucky color in Chinese culture, in addition to being the prominent color of Hong Kong’s flag.

This timeless collection of 1/1 photographs has taken 4 years to create, and it is my first NFT collection.

Ali G


Having lived through a war and a revolution, Ali Ghorbani better known as ‘Ali G’, fell in love with photography in 1989 when his uncle gave him a 35mm film camera. Ali began documenting one of the modern world’s most important events: The fall of the Berlin Wall. Since then, Ali has traveled to 30+ countries, worked in the 1996 Olympic Games and snapped Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Shirley MacLaine, Mariah Carey and Shah Rukh Khan. In addition to being published in The New York Times & Times of India, Ali has worked with brands such as Disney, Porsche, Adobe, Dom Perignon and Marriott Hotels. Ali’s works have been exhibited and sold for over 10 years. As a benefactor, Ali has given back to charities and programs which support cancer research, women and children’s education, as well as personally buying artwork from other artists.