Super 7:

The collection "Super 7" was created by Arun Kumar Nalimela and depicts the wonders of women ranging from their early years to their final years.

Despite pain, insults, difficulties, loneliness, and showing love as well as hatred, the woman is the strongest and the greatest of all. At the same time, she is everything and nothing. Does the world know how valuable she is? Is the world aware of her patience? Earth won't have a morning unless she opens her eyes in the morning, The people will not move if her bangles don't move, Your boundless love for each generation and your endless efforts prove all. Without her, the world would be without a lamp. It is your love and care that makes every man a baby It is you who makes everyone smile.

From the very beginning of their lives, women have faced many struggles, There are some children who are left on the streets knowing that they are girls. From an early age, some children have to deal with the burden of cooking for the rest of their lives. In order to earn money, some girls are sent far from home, It is not uncommon for girls to get married at an early age, There are some women who take care of ... See more