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Universe to Metaverse by Mustafa AYDIN

About this series

Bringing "Universe to Metaverse" takes dedication, photography, and astronomy knowledge, long hours of planning, shooting, and post-processing.

All images are shot with remote access telescopes and monochrome special astronomy cameras located in the darkest spots of the globe, bringing the beauty of the heavens above. Post-processed carefully using workflows developed/improved by myself.

Benefits for Collectors:

  • Any collector who collected 3 or more pieces will be gifted one full-size print of their choice from their purchases.

Mustafa Aydın


An astrophotographer based in Ankara Turkey, almost lifelong experience in photography, born and raised in a photographer family. His 1st photography teacher was his father in the 1980s. He is a lover of science and space and the night sky. He eventually found himself in astrophotography. He has 10 years of experience in astrophotography.