About this series

This is a collection of 2 photos from my Holy trip to Vrindavan,India.While Holi is celebrated in almost every part of India, Holi in Braj is especially famous. Braj is a historical region which covers the area of Mathura,Vrindavan and some nearby areas.

The legend behind Holi in this region is, when Krishna was young, he cribbed to his mother about Radha (his friend) being fair while Krishna himself was dark-complexioned. His mother (Yashoda) suggested him to color Radha with colors in a playful manner. Over the years, Krishna from his village Nandgaon used to go to Barsana (Radha’s village) to color Radha and other Gopis. They also used to playfully beat him with sticks. And hence the tradition evolved.

Babu Mon


A Travel Landscape Wildlife and Fine Art photographer from India and based in Abu Dhabi. Portraits and Landscape are my main area of focus, I also do Wildlife, Astro, Drone, and Fine Art Photography. I am a traveler trying to capture the beauty of mother nature and show it in my own way - "The way I see the world"