ArtFromAbove: Cynthia's Journey from Adversity to Artistry

ArtFromAbove: Cynthia's Journey from Adversity to Artistry


Date: November 20

Share your journey to becoming a photographer.

My dad studied photography and I had the same interest. Shooting with my dads Polaroid camera when I was little. In 2008 I started a study in photography and I graduated cumloude in 2012. Now I'm an established photographer with many great clients like Shell, Takeaway, European Commission and lots of Dutch great/popular brands/companies.

Take a seat' is shot in one of my favorite places I've ever visited! It's in my home country, on one of the islands.

What was your big break, and how did it change your life and career?

I recently went through a very complicated and hard healing journey of almost a year, it took my friends, my NFT & RL career, and almost everything..

My life was very rough when I was a child and things happened that I thought only happen in a movie. I almost lost my dad at that time. My parents separated. Being raised by my dad. Being bullied at school and high school, because I was different than the others.

I almost lost my life and my son's life when I was in labor in 2020. Cervical cancer which I needed surgery for, 2 times. Separation with the dad of my child, which was an abusive relationship in the end... Everything had its effect on me.

Leaving the past behind, starting a 'new life', and trying to know who I am.. But I feel stronger than ever before!

Describe a memorable experience you've had with a collector of your NFTs?

My first NFT collection was on the day my grandmother died. I remember my collector reached out in the morning, to tell me he wanted to start a bid on one of my photos on Foundation. But I was in a hurry to get to the hospital. Later that night I cried my heart out, my grandmother died and I received a bid from my first-ever collector. It was such a remarkable and weird day. I will never forget.

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