Capturing Humanity: The Inspiring Journey of Aaron Sosa

Capturing Humanity: The Inspiring Journey of Aaron Sosa


Date: September 15

By: Sloika

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Question: Share your journey to becoming a photographer.

In 1997 I entered the Escuela de Artes de Caracas and while I was in the 1st year of Graphic Arts I fell in love with photography. My intention was to study graphic design. I got my degree as a designer and then continued studying to become a photographer. For the last 25 years, I have been dedicated to photography.

Question: Where do you find creative inspiration?

I find inspiration in literature, travel, and situations in my life. I love poetry, good music, and enjoying the little things in life. That's the center of my inspiration. My projects are born from what surrounds me, from my concerns. I always try to show what pleases me a lot or what displeases me a lot. That's the key to my work!

Question: Describe a memorable experience you've had with a collector of your NFTs?

I remember when I minted my collection of Holocaust Survivor Portraits. It is a project I have been working on for over 13 years. The price of each NFT of this collection is 1 ETH. And it was amazing that Leslie Spurlock was my first collector within two days of making the drop. I couldn't believe it. I really appreciate Leslie and she has always supported my work, I also have the honor of collecting some of her pieces.

Question: How do you use photography to create good in the world?

I entered the NFT space in order to tokenize my project of Portraits of Holocaust Survivors accompanied by their biographies and testimonies. I think it is the best place where this project can rest for the next generations. In particular, this project aims to prevent something similar to what happened in the Holocaust from happening again. I am not Jewish, but it is a subject that has interested me since I was a child. To dedicate part of your career and your life to a project like this you don't have to be Jewish, you just have to be 'Human". So far I have almost 70 portraits and my next step is to travel to Chile to portray 13 survivors who are waiting for me in that country.

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