Cinematic Cyberverse - NEW on Montage

Cinematic Cyberverse - NEW on Montage


Date: August 25

By: Sloika

🤖 Cinematic Cyberverse

Live now on Montage!

Immerse yourself in a world where advanced technology collides with societal breakdown. Cinematic Cyberverse is the latest Montage release that features 30 artists who seamlessly blend the allure of cinematic artistry with the gritty, futuristic world of Cyberpunk. Curated by Maheen Aqeel.

🖼 Protaganist by Haningwaslost

📸 Sloika World Photography Day Recap

Aug 16 - 20 | Superlative Gallery | Bali

Sloika World Photography Day hosted by MuseHive was an event that brought people together to celebrate the power of photography to build connections, share universal stories, and inspire creativity. Sloika joined community partners to curate art works for the exhibition. View our selections at this X thread. Sloika will buy 0.6 ETH in exhibited artworks plus pay the gas fees for 10 local Indonesian photographers to mint on Sloika. It's a way we can help elevate and support artists.

📸 Photos courtesy of MuseHive

Leslie Spurlock: Exploring Humanity Through the Lens

New in Lux this week

Leslie Spurlock is a highly-accomplished photojournalist who has documented conflicts, protests, and remote cultures around the world. Beyond being a photographer, she is also a very active NFT collector, curator, and beloved community builder.

Read the blog post or listen to Leslie's story wherever you get your podcasts.

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