Dan Woo: Passion in Candid Moments

Dan Woo: Passion in Candid Moments


Date: November 20


Share your journey to becoming a photographer.

I found an interest in photography very early on, I remember "acquiring" my parents' old film camera as my own when I was young. At first, it was just a cool thing to hold and pretend to use, once I started to grasp how it worked I took some photos here and there. In high school, I took the photography classes that were offered, really enjoyed learning the basics, and had fun experimenting. It was some time since then when I lost touch with photography until we were about to have our daughter and I purchased a Sony NEX to capture memories. This quickly rekindled a passion as I brought the camera to my first NY Comic Con back in 2013 - I fell in love with candid captures. For the next 7-8 years I would spend my time taking photos at family gatherings, scenic spots around the area, and going back to Comic Con each year. In 2021 when I found the art space amidst the PFP craze of web3, this threw my eye towards street photography - something I wasn't all too familiar with doing myself, but found it matched up with my love of candid moments perfectly. Ever since then, I've been shooting a lot more frequently than I ever have before, and grateful for this space for providing me with a ton of inspiration to grow and improve on my journey in photography.

Where do you find creative inspiration?

There are so many avenues for creative inspiration. I find inspiration in many places, but what gets me going besides seeing the work of many great photographers every day is watching TV shows and movies that incorporate excellent cinematography in the way that scenes are framed/composed. When I am out on a walk, I find inspiration in being present in the environment I am in - whether it's a busy NYC street or a quiet downtown in Upstate NY, there's so much to soak in that can provide inspiration to keep going along with the excitement of what could be around the next block or turn.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

I don't recall where/who it was from, but the best advice I've ever received was to never let things you can't control take control of you. We can't sweat things that are not in our own hands - it's best to figure out how best to adapt ourselves and move forward, saving the energy for things we can control in our lives.

Who has been the most significant influence on your career, and why?

By far the biggest influence as a photographer has been all the photographers I've been fortunate to connect with over the years, especially those in the web3 space. A level of connection that I've not had before has greatly benefited me to be more confident in myself and what I create. So many have also provided priceless knowledge that has helped me along my journey. A special shout to those who encouraged me in 2021 to take the jump and share my photography, without that push I would not have experienced the growth in myself, and my skills, or found a real passion that just needed the right energy to be sparked again.

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