Dasha Pears: Unveiling Depths of Emotion Through Psychorealistic Art

Dasha Pears: Unveiling Depths of Emotion Through Psychorealistic Art


Date: June 1

By: Pam Voth

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Dasha Pears, an acclaimed Helsinki-based artist, delves into the enigmatic realms of our inner worlds through her captivating artworks. She has released several of her works as 1/1 and Editions on Sloika. We spoke with Dasha just after her recent solo exhibition, "Inside Out," at San Francisco's Tint Gallery, and caught a glimpse into her artistic journey.

Arriving in San Francisco, Dasha was overwhelmed by the warm reception from attendees at the gallery opening. It was a rare opportunity for her to witness firsthand the impact of her art hanging on the walls, as most of her interactions occur online. Engaging conversations with viewers revealed surprising perspectives, with some finding a sense of happiness in her pieces, challenging Dasha's belief in their predominantly melancholic nature.

Dasha's unique artistic style, which she terms psychorealism, aims to expose the hidden psychological states concealed behind our public facades. Rejecting societal norms that encourage suppression, she embraces emotions like doubts, fears, and worries as natural and beautiful aspects of life. Through her art, Dasha unveils the raw reality of our inner worlds.


During our 1/1 conversation, Dasha shared how her minimalistic art provides a sanctuary amidst the chaos of the world, allowing viewers to regain control and find rejuvenation. She also explores her fascination with origami, using it as a meditative practice to deepen her connection with her creations. Additionally, we discussed her collaborative project, Synesthetic Letters, where she explores the intriguing phenomenon of synesthesia and its diverse perceptions.

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