Donna Martinez: Through the Lens of Resilience

Donna Martinez: Through the Lens of Resilience


Date: November 1

By: Pam Voth

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Donna Martinez, a Colorado-based nature and landscape photographer, has carved a unique niche in the world of black-and-white imagery. Her stunning visuals depict the beauty and rawness of the natural world, evoking a sense of profound connection. Donna has been through some transformative experiences that have shaped her creative path.

From Sports Photography to the Serenity of Landscapes: Donna's Evolution as an Artist

Donna first learned photography by working on her junior high school newspaper. She caught the sports photography bug when she had the opportunity to photograph legendary sports heroes like John Elway at the Denver Broncos’ training camp. "I used to go home and tell my mom, 'I want to be a Sports Illustrated photographer,'" she recalled with a chuckle. Her journey, however, took several turns, including a stint in portrait photography, before settling into her current love for nature and landscape photography.

The Allure of Black and White: Donna's Artistic Vision

Donna's unique artistic style predominantly revolves around black-and-white imagery, a passion that traces back to her early days working with black-and-white film. "I just love artists like Ansel Adams," she shared. "The contrast of black and white excites me, and I find myself drawn to the interplay of lighting and contrast."

Harnessing Digital Tools: Donna's Approach to Modern Photography

Embracing the possibilities of digital editing, Donna harnesses the power of software like Photoshop to create striking black-and-white compositions that reflect her unique perspective. "I love the digital aspect of black and white photography," she explained. "It gives me the freedom to craft images that go beyond what I initially perceive."

Finding Resilience in Creativity: Donna's Triumph over Adversity

Donna’s resilient spirit carried her through a difficult battle with breast cancer in the past year. She has emerged triumphant and cancer-free. "The first part of the year was a blur," she confessed. "But now, I'm back, and it's like a rebirth, a renaissance in my photographic journey."

Her NFT editions of an image titled “Blurred” on Sloika sold out in a single day. It is a signature shot that incorporates her love of slow-speed water and an intimate perspective of tangled black branches. Collectors connected to the piece through Donna’s vision and her personal story. She created the image on her first road trip out after fighting cancer for 6 months.

Looking to the Future

Donna plans to continue using her lens to show viewers “her Colorado” and invite them to embrace the profound beauty that lies within the natural world and themselves.

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