EdgeStretching Creative Pursuits

EdgeStretching Creative Pursuits


Date: November 16

Where do you find creative inspiration?

Literally anywhere. There are times when I have a precise idea that I pursue, an aim, but other times I just welcome different external sources. The funny thing is, that somehow, the mindsets and trains of thoughts I have in that specific moment end up anyhow reflecting in my work, without me realising until 3 or 4 works have surfaced letting me then identify what I was ruminating about. Does this make any sense? I wonder… I find the creative process very interesting, when I'm in the flow I'm a power to be reckoned with, then... I go back to sweet old me.

Who has been the most significant influence on your career, and why?

My father, in terms of vision, education, and also, unluckily, example of how not to approach creative work. He is a great artist that never managed to fit properly in the traditional art world and worked in a moment when there was really no alternative.

Tell us anything else we should know about you and your photography.

The idea of working with a multilayered technique started in 2019 with the image of a wave, while trying to capture the different “stages” of its beautifully soft movement… I wanted to condense the whole movement into one image, to challenge the idea that photography can only show an instant, freeze a moment. This approach to representation fits so well with my sensation of often being in two different places, mentally and physically. Phasing in and out of this plane of existence.

Emotions hold a prominent place in my work, serving as both a compass and a medium to investigate and interpret my own feelings. During a difficult period, for ex, I turned to photography to document emotions, seeking images that resonated with my moods to visualize and follow my path of personal growth and transformation.

Since entering the NFT space, how has your photography philosophy changed?

It has expanded dramatically. The Space is such a source of inspiration, challenge, and discovery! The number of stimuli the space offers is just mind-blowing. In all directions, cultural, artistic, interpersonal, and even social… It’s a complicated environment with a great deal of elements that we need to take into consideration when interacting at a transcontinental level. It’s so great it’s addictive, we need to keep track of our brain reactions, contain, calm… and persevere.

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