Fabian Albertini: The Lost Island

Fabian Albertini: The Lost Island


Date: January 24

Share your journey to becoming a photographer.

At the age of 5, my love for photography began, and I managed to turn it into a professional career by the age of 27, moving to Milan and working as an assistant photographer at Super Studio 13 Intermoda. I became a fashion photographer and worked for various important international publications. I am restless and curious, which led me to continue my artistic exploration in parallel. I started a collaboration with major contemporary dance companies, published several books on the subject, taught photography at various institutions, and now I have also ventured into the world of NFTs.

Tell the backstory about your favorite NFT you've minted on Sloika.

The Lost Island" series: We were in Indonesia, specifically in Jakarta, on tour with the Italian company Artemis Danza for an artistic project with the dancers. I decided to take a boat and go to an island for 3 days to photograph and create performances with them. During the journey, I kept seeing plastic bottles floating for at least 2 hours. This discomfort led me to create these images with them in the water, wrapped in a fabric as if they were trapped fish, but with a playful Renaissance atmosphere.

It is truly unique because it is a research I have been conducting for about 30 years, using dancers off the stage and creating one-of-a-kind performances around the world. It is a consistent and diverse exploration that involves many individuals and travels to produce unique material.

How did you get into the photography NFT space?

A dear friend of mine, photographer Bruna Rotunno @sider_alia, told me, "Fabian, you absolutely must enter this space; it's the future, and your work is at a very high level. You can't afford to stay out of it." I'm an extremely curious person, I love art in all its forms, and I like to stay up to date, so thanks to her advice, I've entered and am becoming passionate about it.

Where do you find creative inspiration?

My inspirations mainly come from dreams, contact with my intuition, nature, my travels, especially in deserts and forests like the Amazon, and water in the form of the sea, rivers, and waterfalls; these are elements of great inspiration for me. Other inspirations come from art of all periods; a painting, an installation, the thought, the concept beyond the image inspire me. Another source is materials, such as stones, cement, wood, glass, and iron

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