Giovani Cordioli: Capturing Decisive Moments from Rio to Havana

Giovani Cordioli: Capturing Decisive Moments from Rio to Havana


Date: October 4

By: Pam Voth

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In the world of photography, where every click tells a story, some individuals have a knack for seizing the moment and immortalizing it through their lens. Giovani Cordioli, a Brazilian photographer from Rio de Janeiro, is one such artist who has mastered the art of capturing those decisive moments.

A Journey Begins

Giovani's journey in photography began at the age of 15, armed with his father's Pentax camera. However, life had other plans, and he temporarily put his photography dreams on hold to pursue a career in advertising. It wasn't until the advent of digital cameras that Giovani found his way back to photography, blending the timeless knowledge he gained from manual film photography with modern digital techniques.

For Giovani, the heart of his photography lies in capturing decisive moments, those fleeting instances that tell a powerful story. He elaborates, "I always look for special occasions or moments and try to capture these moments like Cartier-Bresson, well-defined."

The Art of Capturing Decisive Moments

Giovani's knack for seizing the perfect moment is evident in his work. One of his standout shots features an old building in Havana's Malecon, with classic cars passing by in a perfectly timed composition. This image found its way into the prestigious National Geographic magazine, showcasing Giovani's ability to freeze time in a single frame.

Another example of his artistry is a photograph of a surfer at the exact moment they are emerging from a wave, defying gravity. It's a shot that captures not just the surfer's athleticism but the very essence of the sport.

From Waves to Wildlife

Giovani's talents are not confined to the surf alone. His portfolio encompasses a wide range of subjects, including nature, ocean, beaches, animals, and travel. He explains that his choice of subjects is guided by a simple mantra: "I like to just wait for these moments when they happen."

One remarkable photograph features a sunset with a lone paddleboarder framed against the backdrop of two imposing mountains. It's a minimalist composition that juxtaposes the serenity of nature with the exhilaration of adventure.

Cuba: A Photographer's Paradise

Giovani's journey as a photographer has taken him to some of the most visually stunning locations in the world. His trip to Cuba stands out as a turning point in his career. While most travelers to Cuba opt for guided tours, Giovani ventured to explore the streets of Old Havana on his own, allowing him to capture the city's true essence.

Galapagos Islands: A Paradise Preserved

The Galapagos Islands, located in Ecuador, offer a different kind of paradise—untouched by time and teeming with unique wildlife. Giovani's photographs from the Galapagos showcase not only the incredible biodiversity of the region but also his ability to form a connection with the animals he photographs.

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NFTs: A New Frontier

In recent years, the world of NFTs has opened up exciting opportunities for artists, including photographers. Giovani, always one to embrace new possibilities, entered the NFT space in 2021 with his animated photo collection titled "Argenis."

While he initially had reservations, Giovani's NFT journey has been fruitful. He emphasizes, "I started in November of 2021, and I'm still here, trying to make it every day." Giovani's ability to adapt to the evolving art world speaks to his passion for his craft.

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