Kirill Pobedin: From 3D Designer to NFT Artist: A Tale of Artistic Evolution

Kirill Pobedin: From 3D Designer to NFT Artist: A Tale of Artistic Evolution


Date: September 21

By: Pam Voth

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View NFTs Created by Kirill Pobedin: SuperRare OpenSea

Curated by Pobedin: Noir et Blanc is the exhibition Kirill curated for SuperRare and presented by Montage.

All photos by Kirill Pobedin

In the fast-evolving world of NFT artistry, where creativity intersects with technology, Kirill Pobedin has carved a unique path. A photographer, producer, curator, and NFT artist, Kirill's journey into the NFT space is a tale of transformation, adaptation, and innovation. In a candid conversation, Kirill shared his remarkable story, shedding light on his experiences, projects, and the creation of The Frame Society.

A Humble Beginning

Kirill's journey into the NFT world began around one and a half years ago. However, he didn't enter as a seasoned photographer, but rather as a 3D designer with a passion for creating digital assets. At first, he was simply looking to monetize his hobby, unaware of the complexities of the NFT space.

"I spent my last money on gas," he admits, "I didn't even know about setting low gas fees or how NFTs worked. I just jumped in, hoping to make some money."

A Twisting Path

Kirill's early foray into NFTs was marked by a steep learning curve. He was navigating uncharted territory, struggling to find the right approach and marketing strategy. His initial attempts resulted in several mistakes and unsuccessful projects.

"I made around 40 or 45 pieces," he recalls. "But I soon realized it was the wrong approach. I was overwhelmed by the flood of information on Twitter and had to catch up with everything."

Despite the challenges, Kirill remained undeterred. He honed his skills, experimented with marketing strategies, and created unique projects in the photography NFT space.

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Innovative Projects

Kirill's dedication paid off in the form of innovative NFT projects. He introduced novel projects, such as a "Five Stages of Grief" concept based on photography, and became one of the first photographers to implement token pass systems. These creative endeavors not only connected him with collectors but also set the stage for the birth of The Frame Society.

One of his standout projects was "Manifesto," where he burned Polaroids in different ways, utilizing smart contracts to introduce rarity and reward his collectors. This project marked the inception of The Frame Society, allowing Kirill to share his collector base with emerging artists he had educated through his projects.


Navigating Challenges

Kirill's journey through the NFT space was far from smooth sailing. He emphasizes the importance of networking, building connections, and focusing on reputation within the community. He recounts how his experience working with children as a photographer helped him build a universal language for communication with models of all types.

"Every model is unique, and you need to find the right approach for each one," he notes. "It's about understanding body language and movement."

The Frame Society: Nurturing Emerging Artists

The Frame Society emerged as a platform for nurturing emerging talent in the NFT art space. Kirill co-founded it with a vision to provide artists with the knowledge and opportunities he had gained.

"We aim to offer talented artists the same opportunities that changed my life within this community," he explains. The Frame Society provides education, guidance, and support to artists, helping them navigate the complex world of NFTs.


Celebrating Success and Creativity

Kirill's recent endeavors with The Frame Society included collaborating with Montage, a SuperRare Space operated by Sloika. Several artists from The Frame Society made their debut on SuperRare in an exhibition Kirill curated called “Noir et Blanc.” There have already been early sales. The sense of community and celebration among the artists during these times of market fluctuations is a testament to the supportive environment Kirill is fostering.

A Balance of Roles

Despite his multifaceted role as a photographer, curator, and founder, Kirill continues to create art. He embarks on significant projects every few months, infusing the NFT space with fresh energy and creativity.

His journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of the NFT space. From an aspiring 3D designer to a key figure in nurturing emerging artists, Kirill Pobedin's story is a source of inspiration for all those navigating the ever-evolving world of NFT artistry. As he aptly puts it, "It's always about trying, and you don't really know what you will find until you put yourself out there."

Kirill's story reminds us that in the world of NFTs, innovation, determination, and a supportive community can turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

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