Mint Your Art Now

Mint Your Art Now


Date: January 14

By: Sloika

🖼 Mint All You Want To

Montage and Sloika Are Ready for Your Art

Did you know that once you've been onboarded to Montage/SuperRare or Sloika, you can mint more artwork any time you want? 

For Montage artwork, be sure to fill out the Minting Form to let us know your pricing. 

For Sloika, keep it authentic photography. Connect your wallet, choose Edition or 1/1 Series, and fill in the form.

That's it! Let's Go!!! 🚀🚀🚀

Two Stories Reveal the Impact of Art on Life

Ryan Allen: Chef Turned Photographer and NFT Artist

I was heading to my 2nd interview for Hell's Kitchen. I called and canceled it and picked creating art with a camera instead...

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Mahesh Balasubramanian: From Corporate to Capturing Life

I enjoy the process of shooting on the streets, experimenting with composition elements such as lines, patterns, light, and shadow to visually present the scene...

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Artist Showcase

Praying Orcas by Christian Redermayer

"This piece shows my inspiration for a future place, and how to relax and spend time together. I was inspired by the German expressionist science-fiction drama film "Metropolis," directed by Fritz Lang in 1927, during the creative process."

– Christian Redermayer

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Eldsumbrot by Guillaume Martin Kollibay

"Eldsumbrot is one of the multiple ways to talk about an eruption. Interestingly, Google translates that word to “fire metabolism” which I found very profound despite Icelanders telling me that it just means eruption."

– Guillaume Martin Kollibay

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Exhibited in Pursuit of Wonders, curated by Stanley Aryanto

The Sands of Scarista by Johnathan Conlon

"I look back on this day with fond memories now, and the most important thing, despite the lesson learnt, is to remain grateful for the ones around you who support you and love you, and for the kindness of good-hearted people who graciously offer you their help. The human spirit."

– Johnathan Conlon

View on Sloika Originals World

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