MuseHive Hosts Sloika World Photography Day in Bali

MuseHive Hosts Sloika World Photography Day in Bali


Date: August 24

By: Pam Voth

Listen to the podcast episode featuring Stanley Aryanto of MuseHive and Ev Tchebotarev, CEO of Sloika as they discuss Sloika World Photography Day.

MuseHive Hosts Sloika World Photography Day in Bali

MuseHive is organizing Sloika World Photography Day a major event at the Superlative Gallery in Bali. From Aug 16 - 20, 2023, international artists and the local community will connect through the power and inspiration of photography and the promise that NFTs and web3 have for the future.

Artists selected to participate in the event will have the opportunity for their art to be curated, exhibited in a world-class gallery, and even collected. There is a pool of 1 ETH from sponsors earmarked to collect pieces from the exhibition. As the title sponsor, Sloika will be collecting 0.6 ETH in NFT artworks to add to their vault.

Stanley Aryanto a MuseHive team member based in Bali has been leading the effort to bring sponsorship partners on board and coordinate the exhibition. Beyond his own passion for photography as his own form of creative expression, he is excited to help his local community of photographers and creators learn about the benefits of NFTs and web3.

Empowering Artists

Sloika is focused on empowering artists in the digital age, and CEO, Ev Tchebotarev sees this event as a way to support creators while also exploring the potential of NFTs. These digital tokens are changing how artists connect with collectors and profit from their work, which Ev believes could reshape the art world.

Curation and Recognition

Curation for the 44 screens at the Superlative Gallery is at the heart of Sloika World Photography Day. Sloika held an Open Call for photographers and through the use of the innovative Joyn curation tool, selected 5 top winners who each received a cash prize in addition to the distinction of having a dedicated screen displaying their work as part of Sloika World Photography Day.

Here is a list of top winners selected from the 371 submissions to the Sloika Open Call:

1st Place: Sajin Sasidharan 2nd Place: Masis Usenmez 3rd Place: Erfan Sam 4th Place: Alfredo Juarez 5th Place: Donna Martinez

Sloika also curated an additional 15 photographers from their community that includes: Montage – a SuperRare Space, and Foundation Worlds. View the works here.

Stanley curated 20 photographers for the exhibition whose work will be minted on Montage as part of the “Pursuit of Wonders” release.

Additionally, curators Jord Hammond, John Knopf, Leslie Spurlock, Wim Van Cappellen, and Michael Sidharta – all prominent players in the photography and NFT space – have been tapped to curate from the MuseHive Sloika World Photography Open Call. Each of these artists has extensive professional photography experience and a unique perspective that will lead to a dynamic and engaging exhibition.

Enabling Access: Sloika's Commitment to Overcoming Cost Barriers for Artists

Recognizing that getting started in the NFT and web3 space could be potentially cost-prohibitive for artists, Sloika is dedicating a fund to support a number of photographers by paying their gas fees to mint their work to the blockchain at

Social Responsibility

MuseHive has designated the Gerasa Foundation, a human rights organization in Indonesia, as the beneficiary of a portion of proceeds and any donations generated by Sloika World Photography Day.

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