NEW Montage Open Call Coming Soon

NEW Montage Open Call Coming Soon


Date: January 21

By: Sloika

Want to Be on Montage?

A New Open Call Is Coming Soon. Get Ready!

Is minting on Montage a SuperRare Space part of your 2024 web3 goals? We hear you! Montage is the most active Space on SR and we're ready to include you in the excitement! 

We'll launch a new Open Call next week for artists in all media. Watch for details on our X profile

Featured Artists in Lux: Q&A Interviews with Web3 Photographers

Artfromabove: Framing Fortitude

Cynthia reflects on the transformative impact of her first NFT collection, which coincided with the day her grandmother passed away, marking a poignant moment in her career.


Simon Puschmann's Impressionistic Lens

Simon's NFTs stand out for his use of an old Braun Nizo Super 8 camera at 5 frames per second, consciously using his camera against the grain, as the Impressionists once did with their brushes.


In the Spotlight

Rafa the Brain by AI Machina

"Kids visiting The Lab's Educational Science Center are always in for a treat, especially when they come across KLT-587, better known as Rafa The Brain, who provides endless comic relief!

Who knew that brains could have such a sense of humor?" – Ai Machina

View on Montage

Exhibited in Ex Machina, a collection of OG AI Works

Dragonstone by Joffrey Briaud

"This is the iconic place of shooting from the legendary series Game of Thrones...No dragons nor a big castle...but a lovely church and a very old bridge leading to this tiny island. I spent a whole afternoon here with a very gray sky, expecting some colors at the end of the day, and as very often in those situations, my wishes were granted at the last minute."

– Joffrey Briaud

1/1 image for 0.25 ETH on Sloika

Sloika Galaxy by Mustafa Aydin

"The human mind loves to see familiar things in shapes and patterns. That is how many deep-space objects are named.

Messier 83 Galaxy has been named the "Southern Pinwheel Galaxy" due to its shape and resemblance to the Northern Pinwheel Galaxy, Messier 101.

In Web3 this galaxy has been given another name Sloika "Слойка", named after a Russian layered puff pastry, because of its layered look."

– Mustafa Aydın

1/1 image with 1.5 ETH reserve on Sloika Originals World

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