"Presented by Montage" in the Spotlight!

"Presented by Montage" in the Spotlight!


Date: September 8

By: Sloika

'Noir et Blanc' is live on Montage

Today we celebrate the launch of Noir et Blanc on Montage, a stunning exhibition of BW photography by 18 artists curated by @Pobedeen, Founder of The Frame Society.

Join the X Space launch party today at 12pm ET

📸 "Wild Beauty" by Ira Lutsenko 📸 "Wild Beauty" by Ira Lutsenko

New in Lux this week: Check out new Q&A interviews!

Austin Swisher: From stray cat caretaker to NFT artist

Episode cover art for Austin Swisher: From stray cat caretaker to NFT artist

Austin Swisher found solace in caring for numerous stray cats who sought refuge in his remote rural home. His compassion led him to capture their essence through photography. Today, NFTs have become a means to fund the vital care, nourishment, and shelter he selflessly provides for these feline companions.

Listen to the full podcast episode or read on Lux.

Q&A with Sajin Sasidharan

"My pivotal moment was a transformative night when a prominent collector, a true patron of the arts, embraced my work by acquiring three of my NFTs. This pivotal event set off a chain reaction, culminating in the complete sell-out of my entire collection."

Read the full interview on Lux.

Presented by Montage:

Waves by Julia Slip

📸 Waves by Julia Slip

I like to translate my love for the body and nature into my work. To blend the body into the environment, to merge with the sand, water or rocks. To feel and breathe in unison. To be one. Primal, untouched, without unnecessary entourage...

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Presented in #NUDExSR, an exhibition of nude photography curated by Serc.

Beneath the Wrap by Emaweird

📸 Beneath the Wrap by Emaweird

Wrapped in plastic but bursting with life—that’s the paradox at the heart of this piece...Feel her story, but also, let it inspire you to write your own.

View in Montage
Presented in Spacial Oddity, an exhibition of surrealist artworks

Holiday by Anastas Tarpanov

📸 Holiday by Anastas Tarpanov

Girls running in front of the Lyceum in the city of Veliki Preslav. The portraits are outside for the National Day of Culture and Slavic Script one of the most popular and beautiful holidays in Bulgaria.

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Presented in E55ENCE, an exhibition of fine art photography

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