Ryan Allen: Chef Turned Photographer and NFT Artist

Ryan Allen: Chef Turned Photographer and NFT Artist


Date: November 20

Share your journey to becoming a photographer.

2020 the pandemic hit, and even now I was still working it was the most downtime I ever had outside of my career as a chef. Friends encouraged me to buy a camera after seeing cell phone pictures from riding my bike around an empty city.

Again some friends encouraged me to submit to a gallery call about six months after getting my camera, I got my work selected and was asked to cover a gig.

Vayner3 then asked me to create a NFT with other NC artists for Bojangles, I was heading to my 2nd interview for Hell's Kitchen. I called and canceled it and picked creating art with a camera instead, and put in my notice to choose to be more in control of my time

What makes your Sloika NFTs so unique?

If I had to pick something I would say the way I cropped the photography, I at first thought of cropping it clean with just the board bed of the truck and sky. Yet choose to leave the roof of the building in the bottom corner.

One to give the view that a beach might not be near and cause the lines just end up working perfectly.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

In culinary school I learned it's just as much about who you know as what you know, it's kinda sad yet it's true. Working on my social connections and taking time to make myself available to be involved in community functions has been just as helpful as perfecting my crafts

Since entering the NFT space, how has your photography philosophy changed?

Since entering the space, I feel I put less of my own words or thoughts into my work even the title, leaving space for the viewer to find their connection to my work

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