Sajin: Capturing Life's Essence Through the Lens

September 15


By Sloika

Sajin: Capturing Life's Essence Through the Lens

Exploring the Artistry and Inspiration of Sajin Sasidharan

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Question: Share your journey to becoming a photographer.

Discovering my passion for photography has undoubtedly been the most transformative experience of my life. Growing up in India, I dabbled in photography for fun with my dad's basic Kodak camera, but it wasn't until I relocated to Dubai in 2010 that my interest took a serious turn.

The catalyst was a roommate who had some photography background. His brief insights and my penchant for self-learning ignited my journey. While I typically shied away from reading, I surprisingly delved into numerous pages to grasp the fundamentals. This led me to understand the trio of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, and how they harmonize to craft a perfect exposure. The passion ignited, prompting me to invest in my first DSLR, a Nikon D7000, in early 2012 – a decision that sealed my dedication.

Though my camera offered preset modes, they often fell short, urging me to embrace manual mode. This transition was eye-opening, dispelling the notion that manual photography was an enigmatic art. Proudly, since those early days, I've captured every image in manual mode.

From wildlife and landscapes to street life and portraits, I sampled diverse subjects before gravitating towards long exposure and black-and-white fine art photography. The camera became my solace, dissolving daily worries and stress. Through my lens, I communicate emotions and perspectives, entirely enamored with my craft.

Over a decade, I've invested over a thousand hours perfecting my skills and refining my signature style. Recognition has arrived, both locally and globally, with international accolades and exhibitions alongside renowned photographers. These experiences continually propel me, expanding my artistic horizon and solidifying my unique identity.

I've shared my knowledge through workshops and festivals, nurturing aspiring photographers. As the NFT realm captured my attention a year and a half ago, collectors' early support triggered a remarkable domino effect, leading to almost 50 NFT sales and an exclusive 1E sale. As I embark on an exciting future, I'm immensely grateful for the ongoing patronage that propels my odyssey.

Question: What makes your Sloika NFTs so unique?

Each of my Sloika NFTs holds its own distinctive essence, capturing a realm of uniqueness that resonates uniquely with each viewer. One image that stands out prominently is "Crimson Ascent." my recent edition at Sloika. This captivating artwork portrays modern architecture alongside a solitary red street lamp, a symphony of black and white tones that draw the gaze upward. What makes "Crimson Ascent" truly special is its embodiment of life's passion. The vivid contrast between the lamp's fiery hue and the monochromatic backdrop serves as a powerful metaphor. It symbolizes the vigor and purpose that passion brings, illuminating our path and saturating life with profound meaning. This artwork is a poignant reminder to embrace our passions as beacons, enhancing the splendor of our everyday encounters.

Question: What was your big break, and how did it change your life and career?

My pivotal moment arrived a few years ago within the NFT space—an experience etched vividly in my memory. It was a transformative night when a prominent collector, a true patron of the arts, embraced my work by acquiring three of my NFTs. This pivotal event set off a chain reaction, culminating in the complete sell-out of my entire collection. That singular instance served as a catalyst, altering the course of my life and career in remarkable ways.

The impact was profound. The validation and support from this collector, a true connoisseur, propelled me into the spotlight of recognition as a Super Rare (SR) artist. It signified a shift from aspiring creator to an established figure within the NFT realm. Since that transformative night, I've been on a journey of continued growth and exploration, having sold nearly 50 NFTs.

Collectors like him have not only elevated my art but also opened doors to new possibilities. Their belief in my work has inspired me to push boundaries, to refine and redefine my creative voice. Their encouragement fuels my determination to evolve and excel.

As I look ahead, I'm filled with anticipation for the future. The unwavering support of patrons like the collector who marked my journey’s turning point reminds me of the collective energy that propels the art world forward. With every brushstroke, every pixel, I am humbled by their belief and excited for the horizons yet to be discovered.

Question: Where do you find creative inspiration?

Photography, for me, transcends mere words, offering answers to questions that language struggles to articulate. It's a journey that leads me to profound sources of inspiration. When I'm out in the field, a sense of tranquility envelops me, fostering a mindful connection with the moment at hand. This state of being allows me to delve into the essence of the present, tapping into higher planes of consciousness. Through this process, I often find answers to inquiries that elude verbal expression.

The beauty of photography lies in its ability to provide an avenue for this unique experience. It's a conduit that guides me to an elevated mental state, enabling me to grasp answers beyond language's constraints. This aspect is particularly pronounced when I'm immersed in the world of black-and-white photography. The monochromatic language becomes a medium to externalize my innermost thoughts, conveying emotions that words could scarcely capture.

In this visual dialogue, I believe that you, the audience, can discern the sentiments and narratives woven into my imagery. It's a silent exchange that transcends language barriers, inviting you to understand my artistic language without the confines of words. The interplay of photography and the artistry of black and white enables me to channel my inspirations into a medium that resonates universally.

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