Stacie A Buhler: Rebel Lens

Stacie A Buhler: Rebel Lens


Date: November 15

By: Pam Voth

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Stacie A Buhler’s artistic journey extends far beyond capturing mere images; it’s a narrative woven through bizarre landscapes, fashion, and personal introspection. Each location becomes a chapter, from the sweeping vistas of Iceland to the enigmatic terrains of Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. Her lens doesn't merely observe; it translates emotions onto the canvas of her art, crafting a visual story of her life.

Crafting Visual Narratives Across Continents

Stacie’s innate talent for visual storytelling was the catalyst for her to embark on a life-changing road trip across Iceland to photograph her first fashion editorial. The carefully planned images mirrored her various life stages. Fashion became an integral canvas for her creativity, spanning from LA’s vibrancy to the heart of the fashion world in New York City. Vogue, Paper Magazine, and Teen Vogue have featured her work, which stands apart for its infusion of personal expression and transformative clarity through creativity.


Sneaking into Paris Fashion Week: A Bold Step

Stacie’s determination to thrive in the fashion realm led her to daring feats. One standout moment was her surreptitious entry into Paris Fashion Week. Without invitations, she maneuvered through the glitzy event, capturing raw, unscripted moments, illustrating her audacious spirit and commitment to her craft.


Collaboration and Artistic Harmony

Collaboration sits at the core of Stacie's artistic process. Her shoots manifest as immersive experiences where locations merge with subjects’ personalities. Whether in serene prairies or confined spaces, her frames emanate authenticity and artistic finesse.

Narrating Beyond Pixels

Stacie’s lens doesn’t just capture images; it encapsulates stories and human essence. Her photographs breathe life into moments, revealing facets of personalities often hidden. She doesn’t just photograph models; she creates an ambiance where comfort fosters confidence, revealing the unguarded self.

Navigating Personal Struggles: A Bipolar Journey

Stacie openly shares her journey with bipolar disorder, shedding light on the intricacies of perception and memory. Her experiences during manic episodes underscore the challenge of differentiating reality. A transformative trip to China shattered her perception, opening her eyes to the vast world beyond her previous, more restricted life.

Her art mirrors a surreal reality, capturing the essence of individual self-perception. Stacie’s experiences with mental health and a stringent upbringing inform her art, aiming to show others they're not alone in their struggles.


A Cinematic Voyage Ahead

Stacie’s creative horizon extends to screenwriting. She is in the process of crafting a screenplay where she will explore reality through the lens of mania, aiming to normalize the narrative of living with a non-neurotypical brain. Stacie believes there is beauty in being different, and plans to emphasize the strength she found in personal storytelling.

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