Strange History Goes Live on Montage

Strange History Goes Live on Montage


Date: August 11

By: Sloika

Strange History: Alternate Realities

AI Unveils Unchartered Timelines

⏰ Goes Live at 9am ET. Exclusively on Montage.

Stranger than fiction. What a pity it is to live through just one timeline, amongst trillions of alternative worlds that fork at every opportunity. This exhibit explores, with a strong conviction, what would it be like if some historic events didn't turn out the way they did and we jumped into one of these alternative timelines.

Curated by Historic_Crypto, these 30 AI artists put you into their time machines to experience what happens next.

🥳 Join the launch party: 12PM ET on X (Twitter)
🖼️ View Strange History: Alternate Realities on Montage

Contrast Zone World

Live Now on Foundation!

BW fine art photography by 15 legendary creators from across the globe.

Offered as Open Editions at 0.0069 ETH for 5 days only.

📸 TIMELESS by Vieri Bottazzini

Mime: Of Collages & Choreography

New in Lux This Week

Mime's "paper performances" infuse movement into stillness. Like a dance of ink and paper, his unique recording process captures their fluid ballet. And his signature cobalt blue isn't mere pigment; it's an emotional conduit.

Visit Mime's works on Montage and listen to the full interview.


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