Tillman Oster: Scanography NFT

Tillman Oster: Scanography NFT


Date: January 24

Tell the backstory about some of the work you've minted on Sloika.

My NFT minted on Sloika, “Scanimage006,” shows a woman covering her face with both hands. She hides because she doesn't want to be recognized. The woman is a refugee from the Islamic world, from a crisis area. The picture seems paradoxical to the story behind it. This woman was impressed by the aesthetics behind my work and from then on found herself in conflict with herself. So, as a compromise, we decided to scan her so that she couldn't be recognized. For her it was a protest against what she had experienced, against the restrictions that had been placed on her. It was a liberating moment for her.

What makes your Sloika NFTs so unique?

My NFTs are the result of my work with scanography - taking photos with a scanner. In this case and in this series, I focused on scanning people. The people are scanned using individual frames, which are then put together on the computer. Through the process of scanning, the people receive a unique state between life and death, between the profane and the sacred. In addition, the depth of field of the scanner is relatively high and makes the images look like paintings by old masters.

Share your journey to becoming a photographer.

During my studies I was able to get to grips with analogue photography and thus photography as a real craft. Here I was able to work with the classics such as Sinar, Hasselblad or Leica and was able to use the darkroom and its chemicals as “materials”.

Not far away was the step towards constantly improving digital photography. It was probably my growing skills in using Photoshop and layers and my curiosity about discovering the scanner that led me to my current work.

For me, the photo remains probably the most exciting medium in art and still allows us to discover new possibilities of application and to preserve the moment in this ever-faster world.

Where do you find creative inspiration?

I think that in order to be creative you need some freedom in your life. Creativity is something that can be brought about artificially, but the truly creative moments in my artistic work are those that come to me and enlighten me. So it's these everyday moments during my work, with my family, in the garden or while playing sports that attack you unpredictably and provide you with the creative input you need to continue your artistic activity. I have to remind myself of that often enough.

If we went behind the scenes with you on a photoshoot, describe what we would see.

I think the shoots are a bit strange for the models at first because it's just very different. So it certainly seems rather strange to outsiders. Overall, it's always fun to work with the models. As already described, the models are scanned frame by frame (usually from top to bottom). Depending on their height, I need 50 to 80 images for one person. Depending on the scanner model, this process takes at least three-quarters of an hour. So you have enough time to chat and maybe have a breake to drink a glass of wine.

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