Unveiling Singular Visions: Jérôme Paressant's

Unveiling Singular Visions: Jérôme Paressant's


Date: November 14

Tell the backstory about your favorite NFT you've minted on Sloika.

Alone in the pool of water in the rocks 2 Alone in the ocean

I'd actually been dreaming of taking this photo for a long time. Sometimes you have to wait to realise your dreams. After a photo report for a client (I had to follow a trip by a politician) in Vendée, on a beautiful day in April, I decided to go to the seaside, not far from there, to photograph some new pieces for the series: into the water. I was able to take 3 photos, later minted on Sloika...

« Alone in the pool of water in the rocks 2 » is one of those magical moments when everything comes together : the place, the light, the vision...

I would like to talk about another photography, called « Le Feu Intérieur » (Inner fire). It would be minted on montage (SuperRare). This work is important to me, it was first conceived as a trial, and the trial proved conclusive, and was able to convey a very personal vision. I'd been wanting to use a drone creatively for a long time. That's what I've done here. I edited this composite photo (based on 3 self-portraits) in my garden. It juxtaposes very concrete (the swing, the messy garden, the garage) and surreal elements (the fire, the 3 characters).

« Le feu Intérieur » expresses things that are close to my heart: the power of dreams, the importance of childhood, poetry through the everyday life… For me, photography is above all a story of vision(s).

What makes your Sloika NFTs so unique?

For me, what matters is to be on my own personal path (and therefore an unique path). I'm not trying to be original (because everything has already been invented). My photographs are always the result of experiences. Sometimes improvised, sometimes staged beforehand. Sometimes the experiment leads us down unsuspected paths, sometimes the experiment doesn't work out, but that's where the joy of the photographic experience lies. I would add that I like to associate photography with a physical, spatial dimension: walking a long way to photograph, or using my own body…

Where do you find creative inspiration?

Everything inspires me... Life... As a photographer, I'm a contemplator, and I'm naturally drawn to things that those around me don't see. Otherwise, I'm inspired by everything creative (and not just by art), and find it enriching to discover how other creations work, what their tools, methods and dreams are…

Photography is a way of documenting our world. It is a means of communicating emotions, like other means of expression. Communicating your visions is essential to offering the world your perception. By discovering the perceptions of other human beings, we become more tolerant and empathetic. This is the key to perceiving that reality is made up of multiple facets, like a jewel, and that each of us represents a small facet of this jewel....

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