Xose Casal – What a difference a meme can make

Xose Casal – What a difference a meme can make

Deconstructing the “Summer is Coming” meme card and the real reason Xose likes to shoot long exposures

By Pam Voth

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Xose Casal is known for his award-winning minimalist long-exposure photography. Listen to our conversation with Xose to learn more about his creation, “Summer is Coming” which was Meme 4, Season 2, Card 1 in Punk 6529’s popular Memes of Production collection. During our talk, we hear the creative reasons why Xose thrives on long-exposure.

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Both of Xose’s series on Sloika have sold out, but you can look for the pieces, and try your luck at getting his meme card on the secondary.

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https://sloika.xyz/longexposure.eth/ten-ghosts-and-a-church https://sloika.xyz/longexposure.eth/lost-in-white