About this series

A series showing trees in forests using different in-camera techniques in a search for something other than the obvious – a feeling, a vibe, a soul.

The use of multiple exposures, external flash, and intentional camera movement and the accompanying abstraction using these techniques allows the viewer to see beyond the mass of trees and to extract what's concealed beneath.

I've been working on this series for more than five years now. It started as trial and error experimenting with different techniques in the famous Wienerwald near Vienna. But soon I came to think about a whole series – not only about the technical aspects of using those techniques, but also to capture something you probably can't with just taking a photo.

It has always been very important to me to get the photo on location and not to put multiple exposures together in post processing – I always wanted to capture a moment, a vibe.

Soon I've captured the vibes of other forests in Austria and Italy as well.

Parts of this series could win awards in international competitions, but that's not the real reason why this series is so important for me. It's a project I always carry with me – and it made me feel closer with the forest around my home.