About this series

Maa or Mata

In the Sanskrit language, Mata or Janani is another word for Mother, one who gives birth to new life.

The power of a mother is immeasurable and profound. It is a force that nurtures, protects and shapes lives with unconditional love and care. She possesses an innate ability to give selflessly, and to sacrifice her own needs for the well-being of her children.

Mother’s love is a powerful force which can heal wounds, both physical and emotional. It provides a deep comfort that soothes pain and brings solace in times of distress. She instils a sense of security, creating a foundation of strength and resilience within her children which leaves a huge impact on their future.


Brijesh Makadia



I’m Dr Brijesh Makadia from Rajkot in India. By profession, I consult physician and by passion, I'm a photographer. Wildlife and nature photography are my key areas of interest. With a camera as a tool when used efficiently we can capture moments, and stories and share them with the rest of the World.

An image is a very powerful document which not only stores information but it is proof of the event and story which can be used for many purposes. As a photographer, my goal is to capture stories in the form of images. Photos have the power to help you relive a specific moment in time and recall all of the emotions and details surrounding that moment.