Bruna Rotunno


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I’m an Italian established photographer, video maker, and digital artist, based between Milan and Paris. My art blends visionary elements with the immediate impact of photography. Through storytelling of alternate realities, whether through portraiture or capturing humans within nature's embrace, I seize dreams and surreal emotions, diving deep into individuals. Rooted in a visionary dimension, my work challenges identity and the comfort zone. Surreal threads weave between human experience and Nature, and the human body sparks interconnectedness while questioning the limits of knowledge. I love blurs the line between the familiar and the unknown, offering glimpses into alternate dimensions, inviting introspection through an immersive journey that fuses the ethereal and tangible, sparking fascination in humanity's enchanting interplay with the natural realm.

I published 6 books and my work has been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide MIA Photo Fair-Milan/ Portrait of Humanity-Space Exhibition/ Unframing Identities-London/ De Finibus Terrae-Strasbourg/ Sultans Dream-Venice Biennal/ Matter-Paris/ Women in Bali-Hong Kong/ Women Street Photographers-NY

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