Iridescence by Bruno Militelli

Soap bubbles are formed by a very thin liquid film essentially made of soap and water, they are delicate structures and usually last a few seconds before bursting and returning to their original form.

Through a macro perspective and the correct incidence of light, this photographic collection has allowed us to see the incredible range of rainbow colors with fascinating random textures and shapes that emerge from these bubbles, the "chaos" in its most beautiful form. These patterns are caused by the interference of light reflected in the soap film, when light passes through its walls it exhibits vivid colors that change very rapidly, an optical effect known as iridescence. Depending on the thickness and movement on the surface, varying colors appear and disappear, different combinations are created every second.

In this collection I chose photos with unique formations, moments that will never repeat and are impossible to replicate. With persistence and a little luck, I managed to freeze this incredible physical phenomenon in a photograph, bringing us the opportunity to watch them closely and appreciate the exciting beauty they hide on its surface. It took me many attempts, setu... See more