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Encouraged by the success of the first collection, I decided to launch a themed second edition of the Iridescence series. So, I searched to expand the limits of the technique I developed to shoot these soap bubbles and continued exploring new variations of this experiment, with each attempt, I had more surprising results.

In these 12 unique NFTs I have sought to reveal the most intriguing formations I could capture with my lens, photos that look a lot like intergalactic images of distant life forms from other galaxies. To achieve that I strived testing new mixtures and different proportions of the liquids until I got the images I was looking for, each small change created very different patterns and colors.

Curiously, this kind of worm-like formation is a unique situation in the Bubble's life and only happens rarely a few seconds before its pops, many conditions can influence the arising of these patterns. The black areas are the thinnest soap film possible, when the light no longer reflects off its surface and you can see the black studio background, it's just a microscopic layer of water with tiny soupy particles that resemble stars in space.


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