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Fog has character. It has movement and structure, and has been my lifelong companion as a native-born Californian.

Photographing fog is a fascinating challenge. Photographing IN the fog is often disappointing, it’s dim and unfocused and uncomfortably damp. The trick is to be NEAR the fog when it’s particularly cohesive, to catch it by the tail or glimpse an exploratory tendril as it quests about the landscape. California has many varieties and seasons of fog. This collection is the result of years of showing up to the right place at the right time, of understanding where and when the fog likes to hang out. And, like much of photography, a bit of luck and magic.

These images were all made in California, in places special to my heart: a Half Moon Bay surf spot, the towering redwoods of Northern California, a wildlife refuge near Sacramento, above the fog in Marin county, the Eastern Sierra Nevada range, the Valley of the Moon, the cliffs of Big Sur, the wine country of the Napa Valley. Amusingly, none of these images were made in San Francisco, perhaps most-famous for its fickle fingers of fog. I prefer to explore the quieter backroads that reward close attention.

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