Under the Milky Way Collection Header Image

During the last years, I have combined my passion for hiking and night photography. Because of its altitude and weather conditions, Tenerife island (Spain) is a perfect location for night skies. Losing myself along any of its many trails makes me feel both small and lucky, seeing myself surrounded by the stars and a beautiful landscape sculpted by volcanoes long ago.

Since I started in night photography, I have been fascinated by how the camera can capture so much information in the night sky. On a clear night, it’s possible to see the Milky Way with the naked eye, but not with all the detail and color we can get in a photo. Every time I take a photo, I am still surprised to see the result on the camera screen, which reveals something that seemed to be missing in a mostly dark landscape, as if it were something magical.

Photographing the stars that make up the Milky Way has always been addicting to me, especially in the months when the galactic core is visible. That’s the reason why I created this series where the complete Milky Arc shows up complete over a volcanic horizon. I like to include myself in the frame as to represent our smallness as well as to get a more detailed f... See more