Alfredo Juárez

Alfredo Juárez


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Alfredo Juarez is a passionate and experienced photographer whose journey has taken him on a captivating exploration of the world through his lens. With a particular affinity for the wonders of the night sky, Alfredo has honed his skills in astrophotography, capturing breathtaking celestial scenes with a unique focus on analog film. His expertise in film photography sets him apart, as he skillfully navigates the intricacies of capturing the cosmos using traditional techniques and equipment. Beyond astrophotography, Alfredo's portfolio encompasses a diverse range of subjects, from landscapes and portraits to Macro photography, and Boudoir, each image telling a story and reflecting his keen eye for composition and detail. With a deep love for the art of photography, Alfredo continues to push the boundaries of his craft, inspiring others with his creative vision and dedication to capturing the beauty of the world around us.

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