Cosmic serenade: A night at Barras de Piaxtla #1

Cosmic serenade: A night at Barras de Piaxtla

Indulge in the captivating allure of “Cosmic Serenade: A Night at Barras de Piaxtla.” This awe-inspiring astro photograph transports you to the serene beach town of Barras de Piaxtla, nestled in Sinaloa, Mexico, where the night sky becomes a symphony of celestial beauty.

At the forefront of the image, a majestic saguaro stands proudly, surrounded by mystical rock formations. As the Milky Way arches gracefully overhead, it appears as if the very essence of the cosmos emerges from the saguaro, enchanting the scene with its ethereal presence.

The photographer’s meticulous technique shines through, capturing the intricate details of both foreground and sky. By skillfully stacking multiple exposures, the image unveils a tapestry of stars, nebulae, and galaxies, each shimmering with a vibrancy that seems to transcend the boundaries of our world.

The galactic core takes center stage, framed perfectly by the photographer’s choice of an 85mm focal length. Within this celestial theater, the resplendent colors of Rho Ophiuchi command attention, while the lagoon and trifid nebulae unveil their enchanting beauty. Every star and nebula is rendered with astonishing clarity and an otherworldly level of detail, inviting viewers to embark on a cosmic journey.

“Cosmic Serenade: A Night at Barras de Piaxtla” is a testament to the photographer’s passion for both the natural world and the vast wonders of the universe. It beckons you to immerse yourself in the captivating embrace of the night sky, where the celestial symphony unfolds, and dreams merge with reality. Allow this exquisite photograph to inspire awe and ignite a profound appreciation for the harmonious interplay between Earth and the cosmos.

About me:

Hello, I’m Alfredo Juárez, an astrophotographer from Sinaloa, Mexico. My journey into this celestial art began in high school with a Konica Minolta camera and took flight during a 600-mile expedition to chase the Neowise comet in 2020. This thrilling journey ignited a passion in me, transforming the night sky into my canvas and its celestial bodies into my subjects.

Astrophotography is more than just a profession to me; it’s a healing process and a source of endless inspiration. The serenity of being under the vast night sky, capturing the cosmic spectacle, and sharing these moments of wonder with the world is an experience that’s both humbling and rewarding.


Alfredo Juárez


Alfredo Juarez is a passionate and experienced photographer whose journey has taken him on a captivating exploration of the world through his lens. With a particular affinity for the wonders of the night sky, Alfredo has honed his skills in astrophotography, capturing breathtaking celestial scenes with a unique focus on analog film. His expertise in film photography sets him apart, as he skillfully navigates the intricacies of capturing the cosmos using traditional techniques and equipment. Beyond astrophotography, Alfredo's portfolio encompasses a diverse range of subjects, from landscapes and portraits to Macro photography, and Boudoir, each image telling a story and reflecting his keen eye for composition and detail. With a deep love for the art of photography, Alfredo continues to push the boundaries of his craft, inspiring others with his creative vision and dedication to capturing the beauty of the world around us.



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Nikon D750


Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.8

Local Length









Mexiquillo, Durango, Mexico

Tracking Mount

SkyWatcher Star Adventurer






Alfredo Juárez






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