Emptiness - Frankfurt Airport - May 2020

About this series

18th May 2020

After three and a half months in isolation in Cairo, Egypt, we were finally able to fly back from Cairo to Vancouver, Canada, with a 19-hour layover at Frankfurt Airport.

It was the night of May 18, 2020, when we found a place at the airport and tried to sleep. I got out my camera and tripod and was honestly shocked at how empty one of the largest airport hubs in the world was.

I took the opportunity to document our experience during the night at the empty airport. During my walk through empty hallways, empty check-in counters and silent speakers, I met a few other passengers.

It was a strange feeling for myself to walk around and not see a single person. When I look back and see all these pictures, it seems so surreal. I never expected something like that would change the world.


Christian Redermayer


My name is Christian Redermayer and I'm a creative problem solver as architectural and fine art photographer for my clients. I’m based in Vancouver, Canada.

Over the last few years my photography has been recognized by some of the World prestigious Photography Awards Organisation's and earned multiple International Awards. Highlights are for sure being nominated as one of the Finalist for the prestigious Photographer of the Year 2020 in British Columbia, Canada.

Even more exciting and totally unexpected was earning the title as 2021 IIC International Commercial Photographer of the Year.

In addition, my memberships as an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada and as a member of the Master Photographer International Organization have helped me develop my professional craft.

This gives me a lot of inspiration and pushes me forward to discover new techniques and extending my skills.

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