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This collection aims at narrating a universal feeling, loneliness. We all started our NFT journey alone and we all, at times, happen to feel lonely even when in a crowd. But we want to represent loneliness through the positive and encouraging lens of an inner journey towards self-determination and togetherness.

Curated by 9 photographers from 7 different countries, "Inner Journeys" is the story of individual paths crossing one another, of different visions becoming one. Loneliness made us appreciate even more the beauty of working together and the power of community.

Each 1/1 in the collection comes bundled with an original Music NFT, which will be airdropped to each of the first collectors on Sloika itself. These Music NFTs are minted as 9 1/1s in the “You’re Not Alone” collection, the first ever Music NFT series on Sloika.


  • Alice Marinelli
  • Diana Junakovic
  • Donna Martinez
  • Erman Gulbag
  • Giovani Cordioli
  • Iris Ban
  • Marina Light
  • Pranay Bhatnagar
  • Serkan Tekin

Music NFT - “You’re Not Alone”

  • Lyrics by Diana Junakovic
  • Backtrack and ... See more

These works are sold as a gacha.

When you buy, you’ll receive a random edition 1/1 piece from the series.

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