You're Not Alone by CollectiveLab Collection Header Image

“You're not Alone” is the first ever Music NFT series on Sloika. This is a collection of 9 1/1 original Music NFTs which will be airdropped to each of the first collectors of the “Inner Journeys” Photo NFT series by CollectiveLab as a part of the bundle.

This composition aims at narrating a universal feeling, loneliness. We all started our NFT journey alone and we all, at times, happen to feel lonely even when in a crowd. But we want to represent loneliness through the positive and encouraging lens of an inner journey towards self-determination and togetherness.

Lyrics by Diana Junakovic

Backtrack and Composed by Erman Gulbag

Vocals by Pranay Bhatnagar


  • Alice Marinelli
  • Diana Junakovic
  • Donna Martinez
  • Erman Gulbag
  • Giovani Cordioli
  • Iris Ban
  • Marina Light
  • Pranay Bhatnagar
  • Serkan Tekin