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Frozen Planet by Concurrence Collective



About this series

Concurrence Collective is a project born out of community. We have come together with a shared passion for capturing the natural beauty of the world. Through the Frozen Planet collection, our journeys & expeditions will transport you to the coldest regions of this majestic home of ours, whether they are permanently frozen, or have undergone the transition into winter.

As a cyber gallery in the metaverse, Concurrence is the centre point for the initial display of Frozen Planet, and by showing this cohesive and powerful body of work in its entirety, our aim is to inspire collectors to take custody of our art. The collection will be available via GACHA to randomise the mint.

Frozen Planet contains work from the following photographers:

Armand Sarlangue
Dani Guindo
Dennis Schmelz
Elliot Simpson
Jabi Sanz
Jenna Dixon
Joffrey Briaud
Johnathan Conlon
Jonas Furstone
Justin Wirtalla
Kai Yhun
Kurt Jurgen
Norris Niman
Rach Stewart
Rachel Wood
Ricardo Braz
Roman Königshofer
Ron Timehin
Sam Oetiker
Sara Boychuk
Sarah Lyndsay
Suelen Tieko
Vincent Schnabl

As an international collective, we are excited to be able to bring together images from Greenland, Finland, Russia, Scotland, Antarctica, Switzerland, France, Iceland, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, and Patagonia.

Landscape photographers go to great lengths to reach these magnificent locations in extreme, and sometimes treacherous conditions to capture their grandeur & beauty, and highlighting these efforts was also part of the concept behind the collective.

Finally, in the next few generations, it is expected that some of these regions will cease to exist as they do today, with the cycles of glacial expansion and contraction seemingly disrupted, and greater levels of retreat occurring in a number of areas. If these fragile regions do become unrecognisable from their current state, these images will form an important documentation of their history.

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