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Reflections by Concurrence Collective



About this series

Concurrence Collective is a project born out of community. We have come together with a shared passion for capturing the natural beauty of the world.

Reflections is our second collection and follows on from our debut, Frozen Planet – the first-ever photography collective project released on Sloika.

When Frozen Planet sold out within a few hours, we thought about what we could do differently. We all agreed we wanted to go bigger! We reached out to the landscape photography community with an open call to submit work then followed up with a lengthy curation process. We are excited to be able to bring more artists into the collective – growing from 24 to 30.

30 artists. 30 pieces. 0.3 ETH each.

As a cyber gallery in the metaverse, Concurrence was conceived to be a source of inspiration; to highlight the talent among the landscape photography community with gold-standard curation. Bringing together an international and diverse spectrum of individuals, our goal is to associate quality with the Concurrence name, ensuring collector satisfaction with every piece the GACHA blind mint provides, whether they are created by one of the most prolific and respected artists in the photography world, or an up and coming emerging talent.

Reflections contains work from the following photographers:

  • Armand Sarlangue
  • Arun Hegden
  • Chad Torkelsen
  • Dani Guindo
  • Daniel Greenwood
  • Dennis Schmelz
  • Elliot Simpson
  • Emre Bostanoglu
  • Gabriella Morton
  • Jabi Sanz
  • Joffrey Briaud
  • Johnathan Conlon
  • Jonas Furstone
  • Justin Wirtalla
  • Kai Yhun
  • Kurt Jurgen
  • Meesh
  • Michael Boegl
  • Mikko Lagerstedt
  • Norris Niman
  • Rach Stewart
  • Rachel Wood
  • Ricardo Braz
  • Roman Königshofer
  • Sabine Weiss
  • Sam Oetiker
  • Sara Boychuk
  • Sarah Lyndsay
  • Suelen Tieko
  • Vincent Schnabl

Concurrence Collective


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