Autumn Antorno by Sabine Weise

Among the Alps, the Dolomites are undoubtedly the most spectacular mountains, due to their shape, diversity, and enchanting beauty. One of the best-known mountain massifs in this area is Tre Cime di Lavaredo (three peaks), which can be considered the landmark of the area.

This image shows the famous Tre Cime, seen from the foot of a small and picturesque lake called Lago Antorno. It presents the rock giants from a completely different angle and view than the classic one, but nonetheless fantastic and impressive.

Especially during the autumn season, Lago Antorno is one of the most enchanting places of the Dolomites. When the lake is framed by colorful trees, the surrounding grass is slightly frozen at sunrise from the cold temperatures of the night, and the calm water surface represents an almost perfect mirror. This is when and how this image was captured.


Sabine Weise is a landscape photographer from Germany. Travelling has always been a passion for her and through photography, she expresses her creativity, while striving to share her precious moments with others.

Her images show a diversity of wide and dramatic views, up to more intimate scenes of nature. She is known for moody, vibrant images, which are elaborated in every detail. Every image is planned thoroughly, concerning location, time, and technique. A sophisticated post-processing accompanies every piece of her artwork.

This NFT is part of Reflections by Concurrence Collective – a fine art landscape photography collection dedicated to reflections found in nature. With this collection, we have returned with our shared passion for capturing the natural beauty of the world. Reflections follows on from our debut project Frozen Planet, the first-ever photography collective on Sloika.


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Dolomites, Italy


Mountains, Lake


Fine Art Landscape


Sabine Weiss








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