The Gold Standard by Sam Oetiker

Being a quarter Swiss, I spent a lot of my childhood time in the land of chocolate and cheese. I’d go as far to say that the country is one of the main reasons that mountains play such a huge role in my life and work. My grandparents have a home on the lake of Zurich which we frequently visit. Normally, I was under the impression that I had to drive at least a couple of hours from there to reach the really impressive landscapes. My dad pointed this lake out to me which was easily reachable from Zurich, and after some careful planning on Google Earth, I set out to visit it for sunrise. The shots from that morning, with gorgeous golden light and perfectly calm waters, ended up being some of my favourites of the year - and all from a location that I’d never seen before on social media. It just goes to show that hidden gems are everywhere if you’re willing to open your eyes.

This NFT is part of Reflections by Concurrence Collective – a fine art landscape photography collection dedicated to reflections found in nature. With this collection, we have returned with our shared passion for capturing the natural beauty of the world. Reflections follows on from our debut project Frozen Planet, the first-ever photography collective on Sloika.


Concurrence Collective


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Glarus, Switzerland


Mountains, Lake


Fine Art Landscape


Sam Oetiker








Extended Editorial

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