Sunburst by Vincent Schnabl

Assiniboine Provincial Park is one of my favorite places on the planet. The rugged landscape of the Canadian Rocky Mountains meets beautiful glacial lakes, surrounded by lush coniferous forests. The park is located deep within the backcountry. It can be accessed by helicopter or by foot. On this trip we chose the latter option. After two days of hiking with an exceedingly heavy backpack, getting up for sunrise was the last thing my body wanted me to do. The alarm on my watch sounded and woke me from the comfort of my sleeping bag. I quietly unzipped the tent and headed out to Sunburst Lake which was a few kilometers from the campsite. By the glow of my headlamp I hoofed it up the trail past the meadows and through the forest. I had the whole place to myself. As I got to the Lake I could see the glow of the morning sun lighting up the horizon and starting to illuminate the peaks towering above. The lake that had been wild and wavy, from the intense winds the day before, was now as calm as could be. The water was so still, it was quite literally like a mirror reflecting the scene in front of me. Moments like this don’t come often and I basked in the stillness as long as I could, pondering all of life's big questions.

This image was photographed by Vincent Schnabl, a photographer based out of Canada.

Edition 1/1

Equipment: Nikon D850 with Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM | A

This NFT is part of Reflections by Concurrence Collective – a fine art landscape photography collection dedicated to reflections found in nature. With this collection, we have returned with our shared passion for capturing the natural beauty of the world. Reflections follows on from our debut project Frozen Planet, the first-ever photography collective on Sloika.


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Assiniboine Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada


Mountains, Lake


Fine Art Landscape


Vincent Schnabl








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