Achromatic by Johnathan Conlon



Only the faintest hues remained. The contrasting darkness of igneous rock and opaque river systems against untouched snow, with suffocatingly dense grey clouds above; Achromatic.

I was in awe of the harshness of this terrain, its scale unfathomable. My fingers were numb from the biting cold. Forging unique perspectives from the air I stayed intently focused, making every effort to adequately capture the otherworldly scene I was immersed in.

Conflictingly, my mind raced with thoughts of what it would be like to navigate this perilous and inhospitable wilderness on foot. How insignificant it would have made me feel. Sometimes we need to experience that deep sense of humility to genuinely appreciate what we have, and what we can so easily take for granted.

Utility: This NFT collection will outlive me. Our time here is not forever but the hope is these captured moments of history will be. We do not know how many future generations will be able to experience the unbridled beauty of our frozen landscapes. By purchasing from this collection you are directly helping to fund future expeditions to the coldest reaches of our planet so I can continue to document them. Additionally, I wil... See more